Where couples do their finances together.

Gather helps couples take control of their spending with shared budgets, trends and collaboration.100-day free trial.

Shared Inbox

Organize your spending

Your inbox becomes a daily habit where you organize transactions into categories then archive them away when you're done with them.

Shared Budgets

Track your progress

Couples that approach their finances as a team effort are more likely to meet their goals. Our shared budgeting helps you both stay on top of your spending.

Shared Trends

Understand your habits

Feel in complete control of understanding your shared spending habits. Our snapshots give you a birds-eye view look of your month-over-month spend.

Join thousands of couples making "money talks" easier.

Works for you, made for two

“Talking about our money has never been this easy. Gather is the first finance app that has changed our habits – we love the inbox!”

Paul & Brit, married since 2012

Shared view

BYOB: Bring your own bank

Connect all of your accounts whether they're joint or personal. Gather doesn't care. We support over 10,000+ US institutions to give you a shared view.


Stop sharing passwords

Our real-time finance engine lets you invite your partner to join your household. See in real-time as you both categorize and archive transactions or work on your budgets.


Easier "money talks"

Message your partner on a transaction to ask a question or leave a love note. Gather is designed to help couples have healthier conversations about your money.


Just enough automation

Too much automation is hard to trust so we've incorporated the most personalized automation that learns and grows based only on your habits not other people's.

Quick Search

Find "that" transaction again

Archiving transactions frees them from your headspace. Use our quick search to find those pesky transactions when you need to reference them again months later.

Bank security

We take your privacy seriously

Gather uses bank-level security to protect your data. We don't store your bank logins. We encrypt our databases to ensure that your data stays your own.

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