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How couples do their finances together.

AI-powered shared finances without switching banks – work as a team to track spend, habits, and trends – built for couples, families, or just you.

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Crush your finances together ❀️

Happy couples report that they approach their finances as a team effort. Crush is designed to power collaboration, visibility, and shared responsibility.

360Β° visibility

Invite your crush to your household and unlock full visibility across everyone's shared spending.

Spending habits

Where is your money going every month, quarter? Know your habits with a birds-eye view.

"Was this you?"

Purchase-level chat gets you on the same page. Email notifications for quick reply-back answers.

Joint money inbox

We fell in love with 'inbox zero' so much that we stole the concept to organize your money.

Shared cash flow

Are you making more than you spend? Easily keep tabs on your money in, money out.

Breakdown by partner

Who is spending more? Crush is designed to show you a breakdown of who, what, and where.

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Shared big picture, on autopilot 🎩

Couples that embrace open and collaborative finances together foster a deeper sense of unity and lays the foundation for a healthier journey as a team.

"Are we in the red?"

Are you making more than you spend? Crush makes it easy to track money in, money out weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

"We spent how much!?"

Our money habits surprise us at the end of the month. Crush brings forward those purchases and changes your behavior.

"Can we afford ___?"

Tracking your cash flow month-to-month helps you see how your cash flow is trending and if you can afford big purchases.

Don't let the flame go out πŸ”₯

Money is the #2 reason relationships end – Crush is fixing that.

60-day free trial – $9 per month – cancel anytime