Put money in its place.

A finance tool for those who want to
Get Things Done. Gather combines everyday spending into an inbox for your money.

Power your financial productivity πŸ’ͺ

We’ve taken how we organize our lives – like email, tasks, calendars – and built a tool that powers your finances.

Money Inbox

Like a money to-do list

We fell in love with 'Inbox Zero' for our email so much that we brought the concept over to get organized with our money.


Collaborate securely

Invite your partner to join your household to unlock full visibility across everyone's shared spending habits.


Build healthy habits

Know where your money is going every month, quarter, or year. Understand your habits with a birds-eye view.


Bring your own bank

Connect all of your accounts to Gather to see an overview of all of your money - in one place. We support over 10,000+ US institutions.

πŸ”’ We take your privacy and security seriously. Read how β†’

Tackle your finances one day at a time β˜€οΈ

Gather weaves together smart personalization and automation with an inbox that lets you put your focus back on what matters most: living the dream.

Inbox Zero

Review every purchase

Your inbox is where you review/approve all transactions. Check it daily or weekly, you'll always know where you left off.


Track your spending

Quickly see your safe-to-spend amount. Our budgeting helps you (or the both of you) stay on top of your spending.

Cash Flow

Understand everyday spend

Cash Flow is the money flowing in and out of your household in a month. Keeping tabs on it is quick way to understand financial health.

Crush your finances together (or alone πŸ†)

For those of you who have a partner or a family, Gather is designed to help you do your finances together. Couples/families report that they are happier when they share financial responsibilities.


360Β° shared visibility

Our finance engine empowers your partner to join your household. See in real-time as you both go through your inbox together.

Quick Chat

Easier 'money talks'

Chat with your partner about a charge or to leave a simple note. Gather is designed to help you have healthier conversations about your money.

Smart categorization that's never wrong 🧠

Too much automation is hard to trust, so everything Gather automates is backed by a personalization engine that adapts to your habits, not other people's.

Smart Rules

Thoughtful automation

Too much automation is hard to trust, so we've built a rules engine that runs its automations as thoughtful as a human.


Brilliant auto categorizing

We've harnessed the power of AI to automatically triage your finances into your inbox. All you have to do is review and approve.

Your privacy & trust is in our DNA πŸ”’

Gather uses bank-level security to protect your data and we don't store your bank logins. We encrypt our databases to ensure that your data stays your own.


For your eyes only

Your personal and any sensitive data is stored in a way that prevents even our team from seeing it or making sense of it.


Your data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption, each key is dually encrypted with regularly-rotated set of master keys.


Data in transit is always sent over TLS using well-known and trusted Certificate Authorities when issuing certificates.

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