Where couples do their finances together.

Gather helps couples take control of spending with shared budgeting, trends, and automation.

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Shared Budgeting

Meet your financial goals together with shared budgets.

Couples that approach their finances as a team effort are more likley to meet their goals. Our shared budgeting helps you both stay on top of your spending each month.

Shared Inbox

Stay in control with inbox zero for your finances.

We've taken two decades of research on how we manage our email and have applied those mechanics to how you manage your shared finances.

Shared Insights

Discover spending habits with your shared snapshots.

Use your snapshots to learn from your shared spending habits. Your spending tells a story and you deserve to see it in a way that's more than just a chart and graph.


Just enough automation that keeps you both in control.

We've incorporated the most thoughtful, personalized automation that grows with you and adapts to your unique spending behaviors and habits over time.


Your shared finances all in one place, together.

Never share a password again. We've developed a proprietary, real-time finance engine that lets your household come together to manage your shared finances in one place.

Quick Search

Never lose sight of a purchase again with our quick search.

Cut your transactional data in any way you want to discover your household's spending habits. Our smart search is loved by those who like analytic tools.

Bank security

We take data security and privacy extremely serious.

All of your data is dually encrypted using a regularly-rotated set of master keys, and all of your transaction data is kept in an obfuscated manner with encrypted algorithms to further protect it in case of a security breach.

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